Keep Them In Prayer

For The Good Of The Order

Pray for everyone impacted by the shooting at Chardon High School
Pray for James Koonce, father of PGK Gary Koonce
Pray for Jennifer Zalewski, daughter of PGK Gary Koonce
Pray for the father of Dr. Kris West
Pray for Charles Kramer’s wife, Doris
Pray for Frank Nachtman, per request of Brother Knight Scott Bastian
Pray for Brother Knight Tom Nann and his parents
Pray for Joe Drury, father of Fr. Dan
Pray for Brother Knight Ron Folian, his wife, Carol, and his brother-in-law, Mark Collins
Pray for Christine Foos, wife of Tom Foos
Pray for PGK Barney Sweeney and his wife, Jacqueline
Pray for Brother Knight Paul Fisher
Pray for Borther Knight Don Brennan
Pray for Brother Knight Keith Meyers
Pray for Brother Knight Dave Brown
Pray for Phyllis, companion of Al Surette
Pray for the grandchild of Art Sullivan
Pray for Janice Peltomaa

Pray for Brother Knight Dave Pietras
Pray for Brother Knight Dick Marflak
Pray for PGK Bill Sedor
Pray for Past State Deputy Gary Eckstein
Pray for Brother Knight John Marzec
Pray for Brother Knight Don Gray and his daughter-in-law, Pam Gray
Pray for Dino Carfagna
Pray for Marie Mansour, mother of Brother Knight Al Mansour
Pray for Robert Laube
Pray for Jason and Angela Wiegand, niece and nephew-in-law of Dave Dauer
Pray for Halina Barford, wife of Deacon Tom
Pray for William Grubb
Pray for Kathy Foley (Don Coffey’s mother-in-law)
Pray for Ariana Rose Hankins (Elmer Cabotage’s granddaughter)
Pay for Leroy Piekenbrock, father of Mark Piekenbrock
Pray for Lindy Dziczkowski, father in law of Carl Haaser
Pray for Dennis Weichel, Peter Chlore, Anthony Kinslow, Jacob Spann, Dustin Derga, Ryan Miller, Samuel Pearson, and others who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.

In Support of Priests and Religious Vocations

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI
Pray for Bishop Frederick Campbell
Prayer for Pastor, Fr. Charlie Klinger 
Pray for Fr. Raymond Lavelle
Pray for Fr. Dave Gwinner

Pray for Fr. Michael Hinterscheidt 
Pray for Fr. Dan Drury
Pray for Fr. Rod Damico

Pray for Fr. Joseph Murphy
Pray for Deacon Mickey Hawkins
Pray for Deacon Tom Barford 
Pray for Seminarian Adam Pasternack
Pray for Joe Ciaciura – Deacon candidate
Pray for the repose of the soul of Fr. Dick Tomasek

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